Best Apps a Pet Parent Needs to Download in 2021

Top Apps for pet owners

Technology is at the peak today, everyone is using various apps in their smartphone to fulfill all needs and requirements. There are some Best Apps for Pet Parent that are especially available in the playstore for all pet parents. These apps are proved to provide real benefits to take care of the pets and their requirements or to entertain the furry buddies. Therefore, here is the list of best Apps a Pet Owner Needs to download in 2021:

  • Petamiko
  • MyPet Reminders
  • Rover
  • Dog Clicker Training
  • Pet First Aid
  • Bark Happy
  • 11pets
  • Dogo
  • Whistle Legacy


Best Apps for Pet Parent that Needs to download in 2021 from Playstore:



Petamiko app for dog owners

Petamiko is one of the most important and useful apps that any pet owner must download, it’s specially designed to take care of all the requirements of the pet. This app is a one-stop solution to find a suitable match for your pet.

Apart, from dating and mating services it also helps in set schedules for various pet care activities such as vaccination, vet visits, grooming, medicines, and their daily meals, etc. as well. You will get a pet adoption feature in case you want to place the pet for adoption.

The app also has a community feature where there are all the pet parents. You can raise your queries related to pets or discuss any topics involving questions, queries, thought, suggestions, and anything related to pets.


MyPet Reminders

MyPet Reminders app for pet owners

MyPet Reminder is another useful pet app that pet parents should download. Apart from keeping track of the pet veterinarian appointments and medications it creates a personalized profile for the pet and keeps track of all the important dates. It also provides custom reminders like birthdays, dog shows, competitions, etc.



Rover app for dog owners

Rover is a popular pet sitting and dog walking app that help owners find trusted pet care in their neighborhood. The app works as a connection medium for the pet parents who are in search of a dog sitter and someone who wants to work as a caretaker.

It’s an amazing app to find a list of a dog walker, house sitter, pet-boarders, and others who love pets. Moreover, the app allows users to get adorable photo updates, GPS tracking of their dogs on the walk, an easy way to get in touch with the sitters or manage the business, and most importantly a secure way to book and pay.

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Dog Clicker Training

Dog Clicker Training app for dog owners

Dog Clicker Training is an ultimate dog clicker Pet Training App that offers you three different sounds. This app does the work of multiple clickers this means there is no need to carry separate clickers. It is a way of communicating with the animals mostly with the dogs.

The app includes free HD clickers, expert training tips, and tricks to train your pet. The graphics are just superb that ease the use and gives great result in training dogs, puppies, cats, and more. It’s the best app for pet owners who are looking for an effective way in rewarding the good behavior of your pet.


Pet First Aid

Pet First Aid app for pet owners

Pet First Aid is another pet app that helps the pet owner that provides simple guides and instructions to take care of the pets. Also, the users can easily locate their nearest vet hospital in case of any emergency or any pet-friendly hotels.

With interactive quizzes and simple step-by-step veterinary advice, this app helps the user to take care of their pets. You can also customize multiple pet profiles and set veterinary appointments.


Bark Happy

Bark Happy Apps a Pet Owner Needs to DownloadBark Happy is a useful location-based app and we can say it’s a community for dog lovers. The app helps the owner to discover a dog-friendly world around them, also by creating a profile of the dog the owners can find the dogs near them.

You can send wags, messages, or invites to other pet owners on play dates for your pets. However one of the best features of the app is it’s ‘Lost and Found Alert’ using which users can report the lost or found dogs and alert other users with the dog photos as well as details and contact information.



11pets app for dog owners

11pets is the most popular pet care app that offers everything that pet owners need to care for their pets. The app is an idol choice for pets, animal welfare organizations, and professional groomers of pets. It provides a reminder to the users regarding everything about the hygiene of your pets.

Furthermore, it makes easier for welfare organization to keep health records and medical data and follow-up of medical incidents. In addition for the pet groomers, the app provides everything they need on daily basis to manage salons and communicate with their customers.



Dogo App an Apps a Pet Owner Needs to Download

Dogo is another valuable app that goes about as a fitness coach for your pet. The application offers in excess of 100 fun commands that you can use and step-by-step clear guidelines, videos of a good example, fun representations, and in-built clicker highlights with an assortment of sound alternatives.

It likewise gives an advancement report consistently with the easily track the progress of the pet and see the improvement every day. Dogo app likewise permits users to straightforwardly counsel their Dogo coaches with a reaction pace of 24 hours.


Whistle Legacy

Whistle Legacy Apps a Pet Owner Needs to Download

Whistle Legacy is likewise an outstanding app that permits clients to follow the area and movement of a pet. The combination of cellular and GPS technology gives clients the quickest and most accurate tracking for their pets from one place to another.

When the pet leaves their protected spot, the clients quickly get an email, application, or text notices. This multipurpose app additionally assists with checking the health of your pet. Using this app, the users can easily check the body temperature level, heartbeat, and weight of their pet.



All the apps above are really useful apps that are Best Apps for Pet Parents that they need to download on their smartphones in 2021 to stay up-to-date with the recent technology while providing the best possible care to your pets. You can also check some of the Best phones in 2021 to download these apps for your pet.

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