How Social Media Optimization give Benefits to your Website

Social Media Optimization

As people nowadays are spent more time on the internet especially on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. We get all the information almost about anything on these platforms. So, what if we used these platforms not only to connect with people but also to earn money or expand our business. It sounds cool right. You use your favorite social media platform and start earning from it that is the dream of many people but only some of them succeed. The others who started something on social but won’t get the results because they don’t know how it works. Here you’ll get all the information about what is SMO or Social Media Optimization and how it works and what benefits you’ll get from it. So let’s start.

What is SMO?

Social Media

SMO is Social Media Optimization which means where we use social media platforms to expand our business or get traffic to our website through the internet without spending a single penny. In general, SMO is used to optimize the website and use unique content which encourages many people or users to use and share the links of the website among different social media sites. As we talk about SEO in our previous post there are some similarities between SEO and SMO that are mentioned below.

Similarities between SEO and SMO

  • Both are unpaid promotions that mean you can do it on your own.
  • SEO used for visibility of the site over search engines where SMO used for visibility of the site over social media platforms
  • In SEO the traffic comes from different search engines like Google, Bing, etc. And in SMO the traffic comes from social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • In both SEO and SMO the traffic is organic.

Steps to Optimize the Website on Social Media

Audience Analysis

The first thing that you have to do is analyze the audience. In this, you have to find out which social platform people use the most in recent times. By this, you know which platforms you have to more focus on. For example, if you have a B2B business you will go with Linkedin it comes under the most professional social media platforms, or if your website is more about pictures you can go with Instagram. So by analyzing your audience you can choose the best platform for your business.

Competitor Analysis

By competitor analysis, you will come to know that you are competing with whom and what’s your actual competition is. You will figure out what type of content they posts generally on social media and how you can do better than that. There are many tools available for competitor analysis so go with the best one. Some examples are Hootsuite, Socialbakers, Sprout Social, and much more.

Make a Strategy

After audience and competitor analysis the third most important thing is to make a strategy it will help you to achieve your goals. The goals can be related to your business and it can be anything like increasing the followers, more likes, users click on the link which you provide, etc. For example, you set the goal which is to click on the link so if anyone clicks on that link the goal will be achieved. It’s better to create goals that are beneficial for your business.

Implement the Strategy


After making a strategy it’s important to implement it correctly because execution is the key to success. Goals only can be achieved when the team worked together for the same goal. Make sure the SEO leaders and content team work closely so that the viewers get the useful information.

Analyze the result and work on Flaws

After completion of all the above steps, it’s necessary to analyze the results so that you may know the flaws and correct them by the time. When you know about your strengths and weaknesses of your website it will give you good results. So, analyze the results from time to time to find out where you are succeeding and where is the problem.

Key Points to improve SMO


The content plays a major role in social media optimization. Always write unique and informative content so that viewers find it useful for themselves. And don’t copy the content from any other source and paste it as your content.



Use hashtags related to your content on your post but remember don’t over use it. Hashtags improve search results so when anyone searches for the hashtag you used in the content, your content will show on the search results. It will help users to find you and increase traffic on your post.


Media will always be attractive and eye-catchy. Use high-quality media images because blur images distract viewers from the main content most of the time people skip or exited the media like image or video because of the blur media, most people go further and read more about it only when they find the media attractive.


Keywords are the words that searchers enter into the search engine which is called search queries and your content shows up in the search results. Choose wisely because it will help to improve your site’s visibility over the internet.

Time to Post

To know about your audience that at which time most of the people see your content is really helpful so that you can post at that time and get more viewers on your post. The time may differ according to the social media platforms.

As you now know more about social media optimization it will help you with your all social media platforms and if you are new in this just follow all the strategies and it will give you good results soon.

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