Tips for New YouTubers to Start a Youtube Channel

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Video blogging is booming these days, it’s completely understandable for the tech-savvy adult to have an idea to start a YouTube channel. Youtube has become a fun and interactive hobby that have the potential to turn anyone into a popular online personality. Besides, you get to meet new people, get brand collaboration and many of the sponsored products free of cost, and obviously earn an extraordinary income.

To gain a steady increase in followers you need to publish decent content that get a good number of views and likes, to serve this purpose you need to do more than just becoming a contributing member on YouTube. Here are a couple of Tips for New YouTubers that’ll help you to ensure that you make the most out of vlogging and content creation.

Tips for New YouTubers on How Set Up Your YouTube Channel 

Setting up a new YouTube Channel is simple. If you already have a Gmail account then it’s beneficial for you, as it allows you to associate your new channel with your email address.

  1. Sign in to YouTube
  2. Click your picture in the top right corner (desktop version)
  3. Select “Create a Channel”
  4. Decide if you want to use the name associated with your email address or create a custom name for your channel
  5. Add details to the “about” section
  6. Customize the look of your channel with a cover photo and profile picture
  7. Upload your first video
  8. Add playlists, fill out your profile with more details, and link to your other social media accounts

Tips for New YouTubers for starting a successful YouTube Channel as a Beginner in 2021:

Tips for new YouTubers

After setting the youtube account it’s time to lay a foundation for creating a successful channel. As a beginner, it’s important to keep in mind the Tips for new YouTubersas you can end up wasting a lot of time and money.

Search for the Best Equipment 

The most important Tips for new YouTubers is having good audio as well as clearer videos that people enjoy watching. It’s really important to go for the right equipment to launch a successful YouTube career.

How to Find the Best Audio and Video Equipment for Starting a YouTube Channel?

Audio and video Tips for new YouTubers

Many of the YouTubers started their journey using their smartphone to record their content it is quite acceptable but not the best choice. Most of the YouTubers use a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, along with other essential accessories for recording such as tripods, lenses, and studio lights. Whereas, few of them normally vlog on the go to serve that purpose a mirrorless or action camera with a good monopod or handheld gimble stabilizer are the gear staples.

However, these gears are useless if you neglect other things like the audio quality and lighting. You may lose your viewer’s interest. Hence here are Tips for new YouTubers that you should firstly focus on investing in a good microphone. You can look for one that will easily mount on your camera. Also, check every time that your audio is clear enough for the viewers to understand.

For the best result, you can go for a shotgun microphone that is designed to cancel all the background noise. Whereas there are multiple microphones for different recording situations that you can look for on many of the online stores and pick out the best for you. Some of the Tips for new YouTubers for purchasing a mic such as a lavalier mic (small microphones that can be pinned to the shirt) for shooting fitness videos or any other type of video that requires you to be far away from the camera, or for the clear voice overs you can always go for condenser mic.

Simple Editing Software for Newbie

For creating a good video it’s not necessary that you need advanced software (like Final Cut Pro) to edit your content. These software does not improve your content but as a newbie, it may be difficult during the 1st editing.

Software Tips for new YouTubers

Tips for new YouTubers is to go for simpler editing programs such as Window Movie Maker or Apple iMovie. Hence, these are user-friendly and easily downloadable (for free), in case you already have them on your computer.

Tips for creating unique Content 

  • Prepare Your Content

Before creating your YouTube channel decide your niche beforehand for the channel or the content you want to present to your audience. Tips for new YouTubers is that keep your content interesting and engaging the more people to love it they’ll watch until the end.

You can also plan your next content and decide the theme. As many of the successful YouTubers have dedicated channels for travel, tutorials, fashion, etc. viewers love to see more of your content if they love your content. Hence, be consistent with your videos and announce your next video beforehand on your social sites.

  • Look for Inspiration

Once you are habitual and your interest grows it can be challenging to come up with fresh, new content that will match the hype and enthusiasm of the first videos. It’s fine as many of the established YouTuber or artists go through the same thing every once in a while. You can look for inspiration and new ideas everywhere. You can take a break from recording once in a while and think about the ideas a list them down.

Check out the content of others and focus on your channel. As long as you love the videos you create your audience will connect with your thought and sincerity and love for the craft and this will help you to stimulate their interest. Explore other camera filming techniques, editing style, and the way you present your content.

  •  Tips to Find Ideas for Your Content

content Tips for new YouTubers 

On YouTube the most viewed content the question and answer videos. Think about the topics that you wanted to learn about and then consider making videos to help others who likely wondered about the same things. “How to” videos are one of the most sought contents on YouTube.

  • Make Every Second Count

It’s really important to produce quality content and delete anything that you think does not contribute to making a video better. Be selective of all the clips and content you add to your videos. Add the things that will engage your audience and engaged throughout your entire video. Once a collection of subs is achieved you may have a little more freedom that will include artsy (or nonsensical) shots, but you should always consider yourself as a viewer and consider the content that you want to see.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel?

Setting and uploading videos are just the first step of the procedure. After all this, you need to start marketing your channel as that will help in building a following and subsequently a successful YouTube account.

  • Optimize the Videos for Search Engine and SEO

This is a way that will give your more visibility to optimize your content to rank on YouTube. While launching your first video keep in mind to give it a good description that viewers are likely to write on the search bar. Also, make sure to include your main keyword or a key phrase that will highlight the content in your video.

Furthermore, make sure that you add relevant tags that will help to put your video under multiple related categories. When you are confused about what tags you need to put then do research on the competitors and check for the tags that they have been using. In the end, just write a good description of about 150-200 words or it can more and include the target keywords, synonyms, and also you can go for long-tail keywords for the variations. This little will help the viewers figure out exactly what your video is about and also it will help your video rank in the search engine.

  • Build Your Network with Social Media 

Social Media Tips for new YouTubers

YouTube is not necessarily categorized as a social networking site, while it’s more about connecting, sharing, and collaborating with other users. Thus, stepping towards a successful content creator you need to make efforts to build your network. This way one of the ways that will help you grow in the YouTube community, as a collaboration among creators has proven to be a successful method to grow your channel. This method will help you as well as your fellow YouTuber in gaining exposure with other’s subscriber base.

Be friends with the other creators, talk to them and go for collaboration with the larger YouTuber and enquire about the possible collaboration. It can be certainly intimidating but you’ll not get anywhere unless you try!

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  • Connect with the Audience

Audience Tips for new YouTubers

You need to have patience and slowly gain followers and connect more with the audience in your comments and other social sites. You can also interact through mails that are sent by your fans or followers. Make social media as your extension for your YouTube channel, try to share tidbits of your life, and be active on all your platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Try to respond to all the inbox message comments on your photo or videos and engage more with the audience. Also, you can ask for the content that your followers want you to record and know about. This will help you to gain inspiration for new content ideas.

  • Use the New Feature i.e. YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shots

YouTube has introduced a 30-second feature called YouTube Shorts that is today the best way to reach a new audience. You can just create the shorts with your mobile camera on the YouTube app. So make these 15 seconds count and add value to your channel. You can go for funnier behind the scene bloopers, update for the new video or it can be a short part of the coming videos on your channel.

  • Be Regular with Content Uploading

The most important thing as a YouTuber is consistency with uploading your videos. No matter how much you think about content that you should upload or not it’s really important to keep posting your videos.

Many of the content creators on YouTube upload videos once or twice a week and they let their viewers know about the schedule of the posting pattern to their audience at the end of the video. This helps the viewers to check for the videos on that day. This will organize you as well as your channel with a bigger chance of getting a steady flow of views, especially once it gains a certain number of active followers. So, it’s important to figure out a convenient schedule that works for you, and stick with that.

  • Ignore All the Negative Comments

You will find negative people all around us wherever we go hence on YouTube too you will receive many negative comments. The social platform is filled with these types of people who are ruthless and comment behind these social sites. No matter how good the content is or how hard you worked for your channel you will always be people who will make hateful comments. Take these comments as a motivation or just ignore them don’t get affected by these people.

  • Monetization Tips 

Earning income is the ultimate goal through your YouTube channel. After reaching a certain subscriber goal there are several ways to earn revenue.

Monetization: How to Make Money with Your YouTube Channel


YouTube is the best way to generate extra income with your passion or the things that you love doing. You can create videos for the money boost now, or leverage your existing content in a new way to grow your passive income. Here are some of the different ways to grow your passive income. So here are few different ways to earn some money with the post that your post:

  • You can use AdSense to get advertising revenue
  • Start creating as a YouTube Partner
  • Start Working with companies and creating sponsored content that leverages access to your fanbase for passive income
  • Authorize your content that you create for other companies and sponsors
  • Sell and promote products that are related to your videos

What’s the Cost to Start a YouTube Channel?

Creating a YouTube channel is totally free of cost. While, creating content is no piece of cake, and can be quite expensive. The types of equipment required to create a good quality video with proper sound can be expensive on your pocket.

Here are few things for new YouTubers to help your channel succeed:

  • Good microphone and camera
  • For recording content, you need a smartphone or other external camera
  • Easy to use Editing software that makes your life easier when assembling videos
  • A clean, well-designed station for working and recording


Consider all the things that are mentioned above in the article and manage your work accordingly. While purchasing a vlogging camera you can check  Buying guide for the Vlogging Camera and choose the camera that serves your purpose the best.  Apart from YouTube, you need to focus on maintaining your social media to build a larger audience.

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