What is Dropshipping? How Dropshipping in India Works?

Dropshipping in India is a business form in which you don’t have to maintain an inventory. You don’t need a storage place or arrange the shipping of the product to the customers directly.

You need to be aware of dropshipping if you are related to or interested in e-commerce. This word has gain popularity but it’s a lot more than just literature offering a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. Moreover, if you are planning to start an e-commerce business or are already engaged in the e-commerce sector you will come across dropshipping several times. Here you will get to know the future of Dropshipping in India.

All the people who are new to E-commerce or online business dropshipping may seem intimidating to you at times. Therefore you need to understand it completely before jumping into the business and do your own research. So here are steps by step details that you need to know about Dropshipping in India.

What is DropShipping?

The dropshipping in simple words is a business model in which there no requirements to keep inventory. We can say that you do not have to spend a penny on the warehouse or any storage place also, you don’t have to arrange the shipping of the products to the customer directly. Instead of doing all this, you need to collaborate with the drop-ship supplier directly.

The dropship supplier is either the manufacture of the product or the one who keeps the product in the warehouse for you. Whenever there is an order they pack the product and ship it to your customer on your behalf. In Dropshipping business you don’t have to invest in any of the external aspects like storing, packaging even manufacturing in many cases. It totally depends on the collaborating agreement that you are bind to your dropshipping partner. This one of the perfect businesses for people who do not want to go with or invest in the traditional brick and mortar business or warehousing. All you need to start a dropshipping business is a good internet connection and a laptop or tablet to make it go long way. 

People who want the flexibility to work from anywhere and everywhere dropshipping is revolutionary for them. This business is not tied up to a single place. You can be flexible and travel while also be connected to your work anywhere in the world. In this digital era, most people are looking for work something like this when thinking of starting a new business.

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How Does Dropshipping Work? 

As mentioned above dropshipping works through the collaboration between the retailers and the dropshipping service providers where the retailers just manage their website and orders while the dropshipping service takes care of the rest of the work. It relieves the online business owner and takes away the huge hassle of storing and shipping the product from one place to another. Hence we can say that all the logistics-related work is handling by retailers themselves. Understanding the procedure in simple terms involves three basic steps:

Step 1: Order made by the customer: The processes start with the order placed by the customer on your e-commerce website of the primary seller. If you have a website the customer will go to the website and place the order for the product that is available on the website.

Step 2: Informing supplier: the next step is to forward the request to the drop-ship supplier partner. The process can be done automated or it can be done manually.

Step 3: The pack and send the product by the Dropship supplier: in the final step, the drop-ship supplier partner accepts the order, packs it nicely, and sends it to your customer with your name on the package. All the things will sort out once everything is streamlined and all the steps are organized well.  

DropShipping Platform 

You may have heard that dropshipping is easy but it’s not that simple as people on the internet may have told you. You will go through a multitude of technical hurdles that come free with starting a dropshipping business and also while creating a dropshipping platform for you.

Significantly take note that the e-commerce platform’s worth can easily be determined simply by understanding the numbers of prominent stores that are using dropshipping. In addition to that, it can become quite challenging to decide that in which niche of the e-commerce platform you should go for in order to develop your one of your own dropshipping platform.

Another debate is likely to be related to hosted platforms and self-hosting. Furthermore, there are many e-commerce platforms in the market like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Opencart, and many others you can find yourself in a pickle over as to which one to go for.

Mostly the services offered are same facilities hence to find a unique selling point can be quite difficult. Hence if you are one who wants the products to be unique and trendy it can be a bit of a hurdle. Therefore, it’s better for you to take a good look at your business that you want to sell in order to set the business platform that you want.  


What are the Benefits of Dropshipping Services?

You will found many benefits of using dropshipping services once you started earning. Hence, here are some of the benefits listed below:

You can Start it in No Time 

When starting a business we need to arrange many things and it requires an investment but with dropshipping, you are free from these. You need not pay for the warehouse and storage of your products as the seller takes care of all the things. You can also track the inventory, packaging the products, and send it to your customer with your brand name. Besides this dropshipping sellers take care of the returning stock from your customer. All the things are quite organized and easy when running e-commerce with dropshipping taking all the care of all the deliveries and returns.  

Doesn’t need a Lot of Monetary Investment 

When running an E-commerce dropshipping business you can literally start with zero expenditure. As a dropshipping business owner, you are free from managing warehouse or inventory or paying rent for any place to store all your products. The thing that you need to start this business is a laptop and a good internet connection to commute with your vendors and customers. But you may need some amount of initial investment to set up the website and your ventures.

Flexibility of Location 

Dropshipping in India

You can work from anywhere on the earth and take care of your business. As you don’t have any shop and warehouse you can choose any location to work from. You just need a connection with all your suppliers and customers so you need a place where you can work easily and have full connectivity. It’s added benefit to having an e-commerce business as you can work on your vacations too.

Can Be Scaled Up Easily

You can easily expand the business as there is no need to maintain the stocks in the warehouse. After gaining, a larger customer base in any month you still don’t have to work extra hard as the headache of arranging things is on the supplier’s head. Hence, it’s easy to handle the rapidly growing sales if you have a good business model.

Can Include A Wide Range of Products

As there is no need to maintain an inventory you can add as many items as you want to your e-commerce website. You can put your hands on different categories as you don’t have to maintain or physically keep any items. You just have to contact your suppliers to add more products and it’s all done. When demand is generated by the customer you can easily deliver it to them.

Dropshipping Future in India 

Dropshipping business in India has vast scope especially for all the entrepreneurs who are starting out as it’s a very cost-effective way to start an online business. It’s one of the best businesses as it does not involve a lot of risks. An order is only confirmed when a customer places an order on your website. Also, when we talk about the future of dropshipping in India it has a vast scope because of the massive population and people shopping online is increasing every day. In India, active internet users are increasing day by day and people tend to shop online so the scope for dropshipping is increasing immensely. 

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays as easy availability of the internet, more and more people are prone towards e-commerce sites and what to buy things from the ease of their homes. With the increase in speed of the internet, future e-commerce will grow rapidly. However, it is super easy to start a dropshipping business in India. All you need is to do research on the vendors who are selling the products of your interest and contact them about the logistics to start your business.

Today in India will you easily find many of the vendors that are offering all these services. However, if you plan to sell the products in India, it is better to find vendors from India itself as it would be easy to communicate and take care of all the stocks and orders. Today Dropshipping in India is growing its roots as many people are joining it.

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