What is Search Engine Optimization? And How it works.


Want to know about what is search engine optimization and how it gives benefit to your business. Here we go let’s start with its meaning and what it stands for. SEO is also known as Search Engine Optimization. This is one of the techniques which comes under Digital Marketing Strategies. In today’s world, everyone wants their website to rank on top of Google search results which is also called SERP. It is a search engine results page, when you search something on Google or in any other search engine the first page which will come after the enter that page is called SERP which shows the results according to the query.

So, there is always a question that how the search engine works and how search engine optimization helps to rank on search engines. Is SEO free or you have to pay an amount for that. If you also want all the answers to your queries related to SEO so you are at the right place we will provide you the detailed knowledge of Search Engine Optimization.

Let’s starts with gaining knowledge about it’s types and benefits.

Types of SEO

There are two types of SEO –

  • On-Page SEO

On-page is a method by which you can optimize your website by do some changes to it. The changes by which Google found your website unique among the others. By doing the on-page of your website there are more chances that your website will rank above most of the websites with similar content. For this, you just have to optimize some things on your website like

  • Image
  • Content
  • Videos
  • Media

By optimizing media, your website’s loading time will be lesser. Always remember one thing the content of the website will always be unique it gives a hike to your website. If you copied the content from any other source Google crawler will find it out because Google is much smarter than you and block your website after some time. So it’s better not to be over smart and write it on your own. Yes, you can get an idea from other sources but it’s better just to take the idea and not its content.

  • Off-Page SEO

After the completion of the on-page, the next step is how we can get traffic from different websites. So, here is the method by which you can redirect traffic from other sources to your website which is known as Off-page. It is a method where we create backlinks and get clientele from different websites.

Post attractive content on different platforms with a link to your website or blog which you want to promote. Add that link in a way that when the viewer read the content and click on the link which you put in the content so he/she will redirect to your website. The best way to insert a link in the content is to put the website link on the keywords which you choose for the website by which it will show on the search engine’s results page whenever anyone searches for those keywords.

There are some methods which come under off-page are-

  • Bookmarking
  • Directory
  • Classified
  • Profile
  • Article Submission
  • Blog Submission
  • Forums
  • Image Submission
  • Blog Commenting
  • Press Release
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Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a free technique by which you can rank on Google. It helps in garner the attention of your genuine and existing customers. It helps your website to rank on Google for the relevant searches by which passive traffic redirects towards the website. More traffic means more prospective customers which give benefit to your business. For all this what you need to do is work daily on the SEO of your website and you will see good results month after month.

But how SEO works and how to optimize content for it. Before this what you should know is what role search engines play in SEO.

Role of Search Engines

Every search engine wants to provide relevant data to the users. When a query pops up on the search engine, it goes through the indexed web pages and comes back with the most relevant solutions to the query. To do this there is an algorithm which you can say a computer program. It helps search engines to rank web pages that follow these algorithms but nobody exactly knows what it is but we have clues, at least from Google. According to Google, there are many factors that algorithm notice, like location and settings, words of your query, relevancy, and usability of your web pages. 

How SEO works?

In today’s world as we all are addicted to the Internet. Any query we got in mind we just go through the internet and find relevant solutions related to that query. As we said above search engines show the most relevant results of the query. And here SEO plays an important role. It demonstrating to search engines that your content is best and most relevant to that query. But there are different algorithms for a different content type like if you create videos and want more views on them then there is a Youtube algorithm and if you want organic traffic to your website then it has Google algorithms for that.

Search Engine Optimization

Every search engines have their bots or spiders which crawl through every website and collect the information from it. And get back to the search engine and put it into an index which is called Indexer. Here it saves all the information about the website. So next time when any query shows up and your content fits best for that, search engines display your website in top results.

How SEO gives Benefit to your Business?

Search Engine Optimization is used by almost everyone who has their websites and by those who want to expand their business over the internet. SEO helps to get organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic means when users visit your website by clicking on your website’s link which you mentioned in your content when you do SEO. By this, your website’s visibility will increase over search engines and more and more traffic will come to your website which gives another hike to your business or website. What you just need to do is write unique and informative content and use eye-catchy images.

Now you know all the things about Search Engine Optimization so try it on your own and get the benefits from it. Hope so this content will clear your all doubts about SEO.

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